Once you have logged in to the V-DOCS Support Helpdesk, the Home page will appear.   The Home page displays important information and allows you to navigate to other areas of the site. 

Refer to the following sections for details. 

Displayed Information

By default, the Knowledge Base and Community Forums will display.  This provides a quick way to access important Knowledge Base FAQs, articles, videos and announcement notifications.  

Navigation Tabs

There are several tabs on the top navigation bar that will persistently display as you move throughout the site – these allow you to easily access the various areas of the site:

  • Home:  Returns you to the Home page.  

  • Solutions:  Displays the Knowledge Base FAQs, articles, help videos and documents that you have access to view.  

  • Forums:  Displays the Community Forums – these contain items such as Announcement notifications from        V-DOCS/Maplewave Client Services, information re: the current SaaS service, various tips/tricks, etc.  

  • Tickets:  Displays all Support tickets created under your profile.  Click the dropdown menu provided to sort the tickets by their status:

    • All Tickets
    • Open or Pending Tickets
    • Resolved or Closed Tickets


[NOTE:  Click the secondary dropdown menu to sort the tickets further by their Creation Date, Last Modified Date or Status.] 


  • About:  Selecting this tab will launch the Maplewave website (www.maplewave.com).  This allows you to access additional info about Maplewave’s Products and Services.

Search Feature

A Search feature appears on every page of the V-DOCS Support Helpdesk, allowing you to search the entire site for answers to FAQs, articles, help videos and documents, as well as for historical Support Tickets and content from the Forums tab (e.g. Announcements, Current SaaS Service notifications, etc.).  

Refer to Search Knowledge Base for further details. 

Add / Manage Tickets

Quick links to add a New Support Ticket or Check Ticket Status appear on every page of the V-DOCS Support Helpdesk. 

Refer to Create New Support Ticket, Check Status of Ticket, Add New Note to Existing Ticket and/or Close a Ticket for full details on entering and managing Support Tickets.