After a Support Ticket has been created, you can easily check its status to view any notes added by the V-DOCS Support team:  

  1. From the Home page (or any other page of the V-DOCS Support site), click the Check Ticket Status link towards the top of the page, or click the Tickets tab from the top navigation bar.

      2. The Tickets page will open.  A list of all Open/Pending Support Tickets submitted by the user will display by default.  Click the desired Support Ticket to view it. 

[NOTE:  Each ticket is assigned a number for identification purposes.  You will only be able to view the tickets you entered – if you need to view all tickets entered by your organization, contact V-DOCS Support.] 

View Support Tickets with Other Statuses

By default, only Support Tickets with a status of Open or Pending will initially display - click the dropdown menu provided to sort the tickets by their status:

  • All Tickets:  Display all Support Tickets regardless of status.  
  • Open or Pending Tickets:  Display only Support Tickets with an Open or Pending status.
  • Resolved or Closed Tickets:   Display only Support Tickets marked as Resolved/Closed.

[NOTE:  By default, the Support Tickets that display will be sorted by their Creation Date.  Click the secondary dropdown menu provided to sort the tickets further by their Last Modified Date or Status.]  

Ticket Status Definitions

When a Support Ticket is entered, its status will indicate where your request is in the process of being resolved – its status may change several times throughout the process. 

Refer to the following table for details on the various possible Support Ticket statuses. 




Every newly created ticket is marked as Open – this means the V-DOCS Support team has yet to resolve the issue. 


The V-DOCS Support team may need to reach out to you for additional information before resolution can be reached – while they await a response, the ticket status will be changed to Pending. 


Once the V-DOCS Support team is reasonably certain a solution has been provided to the issue, the ticket status will be changed to Resolved.  You can then confirm the resolution and close the ticket. 

NOTE:  If you reply to the ticket (i.e. the issue was not resolved), its status will update to Open.  

Resolved – Pending Software Upgrade

This status is used when your ticket has been resolved but a software upgrade is required to apply the solution. 

NOTE:  Once applied, the status will change to Resolved. 

Waiting on 3rd Party

This status is used when V-DOCS support is waiting on information from a third-party (e.g. an integration source, carrier response, etc.). 


Resolved tickets are marked as Closed when you acknowledge the problem has been resolved. 

NOTE:  The ticket will be automatically marked as Closed after 24 hours if no response is received.



If 2 tickets are accidentally entered for the same issue, V-DOCS Support will Merge them. 

Open in Error

Indicates the ticket was opened in error and is not a valid request.