Once V-DOCS Support has marked your Support Ticket as Resolved, you can confirm that your issue has been solved by changing the status of the ticket to Closed: 

  1. Locate the desired Support Ticket and click it to view it. 

[NOTE:  See Check Status of Support Ticket for details on locating tickets.]

      2. If you need to add any additional notes to the ticket, be sure to do so before closing the ticket so that the info is recorded.  For example, you may wish to explain why the ticket it being closed. 

[NOTE:  See Add New Note to Existing Support Ticket for details.]

      3. Select the Mark Ticket as Closed button

      4. The Support Ticket will be closed.  If it needs to be viewed again in the future, return to the Tickets page and set the Status filter to Resolved or Closed

[NOTE:  For full details, refer to Check Status of Support Ticket]