To create a new Support Ticket:  

  1. From the Home page (or any other page of the V-DOCS Support Helpdesk), click the New Support Ticket link towards the top of the page. 

      2. The Submit a Ticket page will open.  Enter the following information in the fields provided:  

  • Company Name:  Enter the name of your company.

  • Customer User:  This field will default to your email address.

  • Subject:  Enter a subject that describes your issue.

  • Description of Issue:  Use this text box to fully describe your request for support – formatting options (e.g. bold, underline, bullet points, etc.) are provided that can be used if desired.

  • Attach a File:  Use this link to attach any supporting documents – this can be useful in providing screenshots or any other info to help describe the issue.  

      3. Click the Submit button to create your ticket. 

[NOTE:  Tickets can also be created by sending an email to

Be sure that all details regarding the issue, including Tier 1 investigation results, are included in your email. This includes any applicable screenshots and/or pertinent information for the issue.]