If the signature pad is not being recognized:

  1. First, ensure the signature pad is plugged into the computer and that all required drivers have been installed on the terminal. 

[NOTE:  Maplewave supports the following models of Topaz™ Signature Pads – drivers for these devices can be found on the Topaz website:  

T-S460-HSB-R (SigLite 1x5)

TF-S463-HSB-R (IDLite 1x5)]

      2. Next, run the diagnostic check to scan your system to see if there have been any changes to your terminal that are causing issues – if any potential issues are detected, an alert will display with a description of the problem:  

  • Left-click the V-DOCS icon in the system tray. 

  • Select Tools and then Scan For Issues from the menu options.