To add an attachment prior to submitting the document:

  1. Select the Attachments heading on the Document Details panel. 

      2. The Attachments panel will open.  Select the Add icon at the bottom of the panel. 

      3. Next, locate the document you wish to attach on your terminal – select it, then click Open.  

      4. The document will upload to the Attachments panel – the Attachment Title field will populate with the title of the document, but this can be changed if needed.  Select the Attachment Type dropdown & categorize the attachment.

[NOTE:  Select the Remove button beside the attachment to delete it, if needed.] 

      5. Repeat steps 2 to 4 to add further attachments, if required.  

      6. Once complete, click the Details heading to return to the Document Details panel and select the Submit button to continue with the submission of the document and its attachment(s).