Once V-DOCS is Installed, you must register your terminal using the Registration Key provided in the ‘Terminal Registration’ email (i.e. that also contained the link to the MSI installer):   

NOTE:  Depending on your organization, your Registration Key may be provided by your Manager or IT Support group instead. 

  1. Simply copy the Registration Key directly from the Terminal Registration email.

      2. The Registration window will open.  Fill out the fields in the Registration window, as described below, then select the Register button:

  • Server URL:  Enter the Server URL, as provided by your V-DOCS Administrator. 
  • Registration Key:  Copy/paste the Registration Key.
  • Terminal Name: Enter a unique name to easily identify the terminal (e.g. front desk kiosk #1)


      3. A confirmation will appear to indicate the registration of your terminal is successful.  Select Dismiss to close it.

Testing Registration

Once installed/registered, you should verify that the V-DOCS Client is properly registered.  This is done by signing and submitting a test document to the server:  

  1. Left-click the V-DOCS icon in the system tray. 


      2. Select Tools, then Test Signing

      3. A test agreement will launch in Document Signing mode.  The Signature point will be highlighted with a green box – manually select it, or tap the Signature icon, to open its Signature Capture panel.  

      4. The Signature Capture panel will open.  A signature capture pad and stylus, a touchscreen and stylus, or a mouse can be used for signing.

[NOTE:  If using a mouse, the cursor will turn into a pen upon hovering over the Signature Capture panel.  Maplewave recommends that a pad/touchscreen and stylus are used for any customer-facing Signature points.] 

      5. To complete the signing of the test document, refer to Sign New Document, beginning with step #2, for full details on the signing process.  The process for signing documents is the same, however, the test document is not stored in the document repository.