Once V-DOCS is Installed, you must register your terminal using the Registration Key provided in the ‘Terminal Registration’ email (i.e. that also contained the link to the MSI installer): 

[NOTE:  Depending on your organization, your Registration Key may be provided by your Manager or IT Support group instead.] 

  1. The first time the V-DOCS Client is activated, a prompt will appear to indicate that the terminal has not yet been registered – click OK on it.  

  2. The Enter Terminal Registration Key prompt will appear.  Fill out the fields, as described below, then click the Register button:

  • Key:  Copy and paste the Registration Key into this field.    
  • Name:  Enter a unique name for the terminal being registered into this field.  This name should easily identify the terminal (e.g. Kiosk1). 

      3. A message will appear to indicate if the registration was successful. 

Later Registration

If the V-DOCS Client is not registered the first time the application is accessed, you can also register it manually:  

  1. Ensure you have a valid Registration Key.  

  2. Right-click the V-DOCS icon in the system tray and select Register.   

      3. The Enter Terminal Registration Key prompt will open.  Follow the steps outlined in the previous section to complete the process.

Testing Registration

Once installed/registered, you should verify that the V-DOCS Client is properly registered.  This is done by signing and submitting a test document to the server:  

  1. Right-click the V-DOCS icon in the system tray and select Test.  
  2. If V-DOCS was successfully registered, a sample contract will launch.  Use your signature pad to initial and sign the contract. 

      3. Once the test agreement has been initialed and signed, a Submit Agreement prompt will appear.  Select OK to submit the test agreement. 

      4. For full details on the signing process, refer to Sign New Document, beginning with step #2, for full details on the signing process.  The process for signing documents is the same, however, the test document is not stored in the document repository.