The minimum requirements for a V-DOCS terminal are outlined in the tables, below.  


System Requirements 




Operating System

Windows 7

Windows 7 or 10

Processor / OS Architecture

32-bit (x86)

64-bit (x64)


Dual Core @ 1.4GHz

Dual Core @ 1.8GHz

Physical Memory

1 GiB

4 GiB

Free Disk Space

1 GiB

4 GiB

Screen Resolution



Supported Signature Input Devices

Signing Devices


Topaz™ Signature Pads


Installation of the Topaz™ Siglite application and associated drivers/libraries

Supported Models:

T-S460-HSB-R (SigLite 1x5)

TF-S463-HSB-R (IDLite 1x5)



Installation of Wintab support and associated drivers / libraries 

Mouse & Keyboard

Required, unless a signature pad or touchscreen is used

Additional Requirements



Network Access

Internet access for Maplewave-hosted server


Network access for customer-hosted server

USB Ports

For relevant peripherals (i.e. signature pad or mouse) 


Adobe Acrobat Reader

The latest version of Adobe Acrobat Reader


Administrator Privileges

Required for the MSI installer (i.e. for the installation of V-DOCS). 


Browser Extensions & Add-Ons (optional)

Installation of the V-DOCS browser extension or add-on:

Google Chrome:  Version 35 (or higher)

Mozilla Firefox:  Versions 35 – 49

Internet Explorer: Version 11 (or higher)

Browser toolbars and extensions/add-ons must be enabled, and documents must be displayed in one of the above browsers. 

NOTE:  This is only a requirement for documents that are uploaded from a browser environment.