To install the required add-on for the Internet Explorer browser:

  1. Open your browser and ensure that the Command Bar toolbar is displayed.

[NOTE:  The V-DOCS add-on is in the Command Bar.  If you already see the V-DOCS icon, there is no need to proceed through the rest of the below steps – these are only necessary in some cases.]

      2. If the Command Bar is not displayed, you must enable it.  Right click the top of the browser window (i.e. where the address bar is) and select Command Bar to enable it. 

      3. Next, click the Tools dropdown in the Command Bar, then select Toolbars and Customize.   

      4. The Customize Toolbar window will open.  From the list of Available Toolbar Buttons on the left, select Send to V-DOCS, then click the Add button to add it to the list of Current Toolbar Buttons on the right.   

      5. Close all IE browser windows and re-launch the browser. The V-DOCS icon should now be visible on your toolbar.