To conduct an Agreement Search within V-DOCS Admin: 

  1. Log into the V-DOCS Admin site.  

  2. Select Agreement Search from the V-DOCS Menu

[NOTE:  Admin-level users will first need to select the dealer the terminal is associated with from the Dealers Overview page before selecting Agreement Search from the expanded options within the Menu for that dealer.]

      3. The Agreement Search page for that dealer will open.  The top of the page provides various filters that can be used to narrow the search results, if desired, and the bottom of the page displays a list of all agreements uploaded for the selected dealer:  

  • Agreement Search Filters: Several basic parameters are available including, CTN, customer name, date/date range.

  • Advanced Search Filters:  Expand the Advanced Search heading to present extra customer, contract and dealer specific filters –click on a heading to open it.

  • Columns:  Below the report filters on the far right, there is an option to add extra columns to the report output or remove default columns.  Click the Columns button to display the options, enable/disable the checkboxes, then click Done.  

  • Agreement Search Result Columns:  High-level info about the agreement, including CTN (customer phone #), customer name, whether the agreement has been signed, the contract type, etc.  

      4. Select the desired search filters and/or columns, then click the Search button

      5. The search results at the bottom of the page will filter in accordance. Click the Customer Telephone Number (“CTN”) of an agreement to view detailed info about it.  

      6. The icons displayed in the far-left column indicate the contract type, as described in the table, below.  Clicking the icon beside the contract will present a copy of the contract in its current state.




Agreement was completed and submitted

Agreement has not yet been signed

Agreement is invalid

Agreement was scanned in

Agreement was voided

Saved agreement was uploaded but only partially signed

Saved agreement was uploaded but has not yet been signed

      7. To export the Agreement Search results, click the Export button on the far-right just above the report results – the report can be exported in 3 different formats:

  • As an Excel spreadsheet (XLS).
  • As a comma-separated file (CSV). 
  • As a tab-separated file (TSV).