Once a Registration Key has been created, the “Email Registration Key” feature can be used to send it to the required user via an automated email: 

[NOTE:  This feature will only display if there are available keys for the selected branch.  Refer to Create Registration Key for further details.] 

  1. Log into the V-DOCS Admin site.

  2. Select Branches from the V-DOCS Menu

[NOTE:  Admin-level users will first need to select the dealer the terminal is associated with from the Dealers Overview page before selecting Branches from the expanded options within the Menu for that dealer.] 

      3. The Branches page will open.  Click the name of the branch that you need a key for.  

      4. The Branch Info page will open.  Under the Registration Keys heading on the right-hand side of the page, enter the info in the Email Registration Key fields as described below, then click the Send Key button:  

  • Key:  Select the correct key from the dropdown list provided. 
  • Name:  Enter the name of the person who is being sent the key. 
  • Email:  Enter the email address to send the key to. 
  • Comment:  A comment can be added to provide additional info, if desired.

      5. An email containing the Registration Key will be sent to the recipient.  Within the email template, the recipient is also provided with:

  • Location:  The branch the key can be used at. 
  • Expiry Date:  How long before the key expires (days/hours/minutes). 
  • Instructions:  A link to take the user to instructions for registration.
  • Application Installer:  A link to download the application installer.