To create a Registration Key to register V-DOCS on a terminal:

  1. Log into the V-DOCS Admin site.

  2. Select Branches from the V-DOCS Menu

[NOTE:  Admin-level users will first need to select the dealer the terminal is associated with from the Dealers Overview page before selecting Branches from the expanded options within the Menu for that dealer.] 

      3. The Branches page will open.  Click the name of the branch that you need a key for.   It is important that the key is created for the intended branch – otherwise, documents will not be stored in the correct location. 

      4. The Branch Info page will open.  Under the Registration Keys heading on the right-hand side of the page, set the following criteria, then click the +Create Key button:  

  • Valid for # Hours:  Enter how many hours the key will be valid for (from 12-999). 
  • Valid for # Terminals:  Enter how many terminals can be registered with the key (from 1-99).

[NOTE:  If there are already any existing keys for the branch, they will display beneath the Registration Keys heading.  One of these can be sent to the user instead of creating a new key.]

      5. Once generated, the key can be sent to the desired user directly from this page or it can be copied/pasted into the V-DOCS Client software using the Copy to Clipboard feature located beside the key.  Refer to Send Registration Key for further details.