The required extension for the Mozilla Firefox browser is installed from the Downloads page of the V-DOCS Admin Site application:

  1. Left-click the V-DOCS icon in the system tray and select Document Search

      2. The V-DOCS Admin application will open in your default browser and you will be taken directly to the Agreement Search report for your branch.   Select the Downloads link from the top-right corner of the navigation bar. 

      3. The Downloads page will open.  Select the appropriate V-DOCS for Mozilla Firefox link, depending on what version of Firefox you are using, then drag it to any place on any open Firefox window to install it. 

      4. An Add V-DOCS for Firefox prompt will appear by the address bar at the top of your browser.  Select Add

[NOTE:  If this prompt doesn’t immediately appear, clicking anywhere on the Firefox window will open it.]


      5. The prompt will change to a confirmation that V-DOCS for Firefox has been added to your browser.  Click OK

      6. A V-DOCS icon will now display to the far-right of your address bar.