If you receive a “Signing is Already in Progress” error message, this indicates that an instance of V-DOCS is already active with an agreement in the process of being signed. You must finish the signing of the agreement in progress before signing a new document. 

If you cannot see the agreement that is already in Document Signing mode:

  1. Hold the Alt key on your keyboard and press the Tab key at the same time to scroll through your active windows.  

  2. Once located, click the V-DOCS window to bring that window to the forefront.  

  3. You can also check your taskbar for the V-DOCS icon – clicking it will also make V-DOCS the active program on your system.  

  4. If there are no instances of V-DOCS running and you are still receiving this error, there could be another session of V-DOCS that is hung up on your terminal – refer to your IT Support Provider for further assistance.