V-DOCS employee / user records are managed from the Employees page for the respective dealer: 

  1. Log into the V-DOCS Admin site.

  2. Select Employees from the V-DOCS Menu

[NOTE:  Admin-level users will first need to select the dealer the terminal is associated with from the Dealers Overview page before selecting Employees from the expanded options within the Menu for that dealer.] 

      3. The Employees page will open.  This page lists all users within V-DOCS for that dealer, along with the email address, name, username, branch, role and login information for each employee record.  Locate the desired user and click their email address. 

      4. The Employee Record page for the selected user will open.  Select the Edit Employee button

      5. The Edit Employee Record page will open.  From here, you can:  

  • Edit User’s Information:  Edit the info in the provided fields as required (last name, email, role, etc.).
  • Deactivate User’s Account:  Uncheck the Active checkbox to deactivate the user’s V-DOCS account, disabling their access to V-DOCS.

  • Reset Password:  Enable this checkbox to reset the user’s password – they will be sent an email to perform the reset.

  • Force Password Reset:  Enable this checkbox to force the user to select a new password upon their next login.

  • Reset Failed Login:  Enable this checkbox to reset the user’s Locked Account (i.e. if they have too many failed login attempts). 

      6. Make the required updates, then click the Save button to save the changes.